The Glowacki Group, lead by Dr David Glowacki, contains an eclectic mix of chemists, computer scientists and artists, all working to answer questions and solve problems at the interface of these fields. Currently, we are focused on the application of virtual reality, machine learning, and high-performance computing technologies to transform the invisible molecular world into a tangible, interactive experience and, furthermore, use this as a framework for understanding and reimagining abstract concepts within the field of chemsitry.

Current specific research interests of the group include:

  • Accelerating molecular dyanmics through high-performance computing
  • Understanding how the `energy landscape’ of biomolecules influences their chemical behaviour
  • Exploring how digital technology mediates interactions between people
  • Applying computational methods to atmospheric chemistry
  • Using molecular dynamics methods to solve problems in gas-surface scattering and spectroscopy
  • Integrating machine learning with chemistry as a means of rare event acceleration and path sampling
  • Developing interactive simulations into a tool for pharmacological discovery