TMCS Hackathon 2017

Stories from a PhD in Computational Chemistry

As part of the Theory and Modelling in the Chemical Science MSc at Oxford, there is a module focused on basic software development. It consists of 2 days of tutorials followed by 2 days of hands-on programming – the hackathon!

The purpose of this module is to expose students who may have only seen basic Fortran to more modern programming tools. The first 2 days introduce a variety of topics such as how to use an IDE, basic features of object-oriented programming, using version control, building tests for your code, etc … (you can find the full schedule here).

This year the hackathon was focused on machine learning, as the Glowacki research group is increasingly interested in this topic. The three of us that participated to the hackathon designed the following projects:

  1. Using deep learning for avatar aesthetics in virtual reality – Mike O’Connor
  2. Machine learning of transfer operators for…

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